OvoControl® P (nicarbazin 0.5%) Now Available in Mexico

FOR RELEASE, February 21, 2019O

Rancho Mirage, CA — February 21, 2019


Already registered in 49 of 50 states and Canada, OvoControl P, “birth control” for pigeons, is now available in Mexico. "Just as in the US market, many commercial sites and communities in Mexico are plagued with pigeons," outlined Erick Wolf, CEO of Innolytics, maker of OvoControl.

"More than anything, as the popularity of OvoControl has grown, requests for the product have also increased in Mexico."

ECONTROL (www.econtrol.com.mx) in Mexico City has been named the distributor of OvoControl P for the Mexican market. The Managing Director of EControl, Benjamin Gómez, commented, "We plan to focus on stored grain facilities, tourism and the export economy. The critical importance of food safety in Mexico cannot be overstated and pigeons can represent serious risks. Our pest control customers and their clients are keenly interested in innovative options to control the pigeon population safely and humanely. OvoControl meets these criteria and fits well with ECONTROL’s portfolio.”  

Gómez added: "OvoControl works like an IGR, but for birds instead of insects. We believe that birth control for pigeons is a valuable addition to the portfolio of bird control tools that can be used in Mexico."

OvoControl is a ready-to-use bait, which is dispensed on flat rooftops with an automatic feeder. This effective and humane technology is particularly useful for managing flocks of pigeons in larger areas without having to use extreme solutions and their associated risks.  

For more information about OvoControl or Innolytics, please visit the company's website at ovocontrol.com or econtrol.com.mx.