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OvoControl at Pima College

Given the number of structures and wide open spaces, OvoControl is an excellent choice to control pigeons at a college campus.Pima College is a community college located in downtown Tucson, AZ. With nearly 10,000 students, the main campus has a challenging mix of open areas and structures.In 2010, Arizona Pest Control deployed an OvoControl population management program on the campus.  The OvoControl program was augmented by quarterly trapping.Over a period of 24 months, OvoControl reduced the population from 200 pigeons to just 5 birds.  The campus remains effectively pigeon free. 

Wild Bird Rehab Haven in Honolulu Makes OvoControl Recommendation

WILD BIRD REHAB HAVEN in Honolulu, a leading bird rehabilitation organization in Hawaii, has made a recommendation for OvoControl.  See their pigeon brochure entitled, “If you feed them, they will come….if you house them, they will stay.”  Also, see the organization's website at