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OvoControl® is regulated by EPA in the US and PMRA in Canada.


OvoControl® P

EPA Reg. No. 80224-1 — Latest Update: 8.23.19/A (PDF)

Canada PRMA – Reg. No. 32670 – EN (PDF)

Canada PRMA – Reg. No. 32670 – FR (PDF)

safety data sheet

Safety Data Sheet (SDS) – Nicarbazin (PDF)

The pigeons of Riverside Casino in Laughlin, NV were under control in just one year - “they don’t come back either”.
— Gus Kuken, Hotel & Casino


OvoControl® P is registered in Canada under PMRA registration number 32670 of the Pest Control Products Act. The Canadian label in both English and French, along with the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) above. OvoControl® P is available directly through this website or a regional distributor.


Based on USGBC and San Francisco Department of the Environment guidelines, OvoControl P is classified as a “Tier 3” pesticide product.  This represents the “least-hazard” class and does not require notification of building residents prior to use.

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