Calculate the cost of an OvoControl® P program.

There are just two variables to consider in calculating the cost of a pigeon contraception program: the automatic feeder(s) and the OvoControl® P bait.


Automatic Feeders

These machines are indispensable for commercial programs and remove most of the labor burden from daily baiting. Extremely dependable and durable, the feeder automatically triggers at a pre-programmed time and duration each morning to dispense the appropriate quantity of OvoControl® for the flock.

Assume that each feeder will accommodate approximately 150 pigeons.  Feeder “Kits” retail for $314.99/unit, including the feeder, controller clock, rechargeable battery and solar panel — everything needed to get started on the pigeon control program is in the box.

OvoControl® P Bait

OvoControl® P is applied at a rate of 1 pound (16 ounces) of bait per 80 pigeons, daily. Therefore, as a starting point, divide the number of birds in the flock by 80 to estimate the initial quantity of daily bait requirements. For example, 100 birds require 100/80 or 1.25lbs of bait daily, at the very beginning of the program.

Bait requirements decline in parallel to the pigeon population. Therefore, following the gradual reduction, after 12 months on the program, pigeon numbers have been reduced to 50 and the bait requirement reduced to 50/80 or 0.625lbs, per day. The following table provides an illustration of how you can estimate your pigeon control costs


Number of Pigeons 50 100 120 160 200
Pounds of Ovocontrol per day (Month 1) 0.625 1.25 1.5 2 2.5
Cost @ $7.99lb $4.99 $9.98 $11.98 $15.98 $19.97

In other words, due to the declining number of pigeons, the cost of the baiting program declines at a rate of approximately 50%, annually.  In the example of 100 pigeons, the average monthly cost of the program declines from $193/month to just $103/month in year 2.

For larger sites and areas, please use the convenient spreadsheet to evaluate the monthly and annual cost of an OvoControl® P contraception program for pigeons.

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