OvoControl Accessories Overview



The automatic digital camera records feeding activity at an OvoControl baiting site and allows you to accurately evaluate bird numbers.

  • Automatically captures images with a thermal trigger

  • Small format camera — light weight

  • Records images and video clips

  • Operates on 8 AA batteries — up to one-year battery life

  • “KIT” comes with tripod, memory cards, reader and batteries (optional)


BrandNewFeeder -- black background.jpg


This large, tripod feeder is specially modified for dispensing OvoControl bait.

  • Automatic, programmable feeder at an economical price.

  • Optimized for OvoControl application

  • Digital timer for precise bait administration

  • Recommended for flocks of 20 or more birds

  • Feeds up to 150 birds at a time

  • Holds more than 120lbs of OvoControl bait

  • 6-volt rechargeable battery and solar panel included

  • Some assembly required

Before getting started on assembly and installation, please take a few minutes to review the OvoControl User’s Guide.  The guide provides a short list of instructions how to get the best performance out of your feeder and OvoControl program.

  • Feeder Installation and ovocontrol user’s guide

    It is recommended that OvoControl feeders are placed on rooftop locations, and not necessarily on a very high one.  The best results are with 1-2 story installations. While they can be installed on higher locations, experience tells us that the birds prefer lower locations as opposed to higher ones.


    Since the free-standing feeders are installed on rooftops, building management is typically concerned with any risks. The most obvious of these is that a feeder gets airborne in a windstorm or other weather related event. For this reason, we recommend securing the feeder on the roof so that it cannot blow away. The most direct way of securing a feeder is with a cable, rope or strap attached to one of the legs and fastened to an immovable object on the roof. When that is not an option, skip to the next alternative.

    Many of today’s modern commercial rooftops consist of a synthetic membrane and the last thing you want to do is to puncture or otherwise damage the material. For this purpose, we offer a heavy duty rubber roof mat with construction designed to protect a roof membrane, withstand the elements and hold the feeder in place.

    Ideal for sensitive rooftops or gel roof membranes, the OvoControl 1/2″ roof mat is constructed from recycled tires. Made for rooftop installation, the mat material is extra heavy duty.  Measuring 48″ by 48″, each mat is pre-drilled for easy tripod attachment.

    Feeders are attached to the mat with 3/8″ hardware included in the package. Once the feeder is attached to the mat, the installation is secured with additional weight — bar bells, sand bags or concrete blocks — all make good alternatives. Please see the following photo illustrations for examples how a feeder can be secured with a roof mat available through Innolytics or your distributor.

  • Pigeon control feeder Assembly manual (PDF)


For OvoControl’s contraceptive program to be effective, you must use an automatic feeder. The machine triggers and feeds the pigeons once a day so they receive the necessary amount of bait. The new and improved automatic feeders are also easy to assemble and operate.


  • SPECIAL assembly Instructions for THE pigeon control feeder (PDF)

  • Installation of the Solar Panel

The solar panel attaches to a bolt holding the top and the bottom of the hopper together.

  1. Begin by loosening just one bolt — closest to the solar access port on the motor assembly.

  2. Attach the metal “tongue” using the longer bolt provided with the charger.

  3. Fasten solar panel to the metal tongue with nut and bolt.

  4. Remove rubber grommet on the access port of the motor assembly.

  5. Plug wire into access port.

  6. Solar charger will keep battery in full operating condition.

  • Pigeon Tracker Log (XLS)

    Track pigeon numbers with this handy spreadsheet.