Learn about the types of facilities that are ideal for OvoControl®.

Since they breed so rapidly, poisoning or trapping birds is not a productive solution. Physical barriers are not ideal for larger facilities and plants. When you have a large physical plant, you need to control the bird population.


WHERE TO USE OvoControl® P

As with any pigeon control technique, some sites are simply better suited than others. From experience, we find the highest utility for OvoControl® is at facilities that share the following characteristics:

  • Difficult or impossible to close the windows or doors which allows pigeons full time entry and exit. These are most likely structures where physical exclusion is either technically challenging or cost prohibitive.

  • Facilities with multiple structures on the same site. In these cases, excluding the birds on one structure simply moves the problem to another one.

  • Facilities that produce heat as part of their manufacturing process provide a strong attraction for pigeons. The birds seek out warm shelter for their nests.

  • Pigeons try to find “cubbies” for their nests. Facilities that offer a large volume of quality nesting sites provide a strong attraction and nest fidelity for pigeons.

Here are just a few of the types of larger facilities where OvoControl® can help you control your pigeon population.

  • Chemical Plant

  • Oil Refinery

  • Manufacturing Facility

  • Power Utility

  • Ports and Transportation Hubs

  • Maintenance Yards

  • Campus

  • Dense Urban Area

  • Large City

  • Small Town

  • Hospital

  • Food Processing

  • Shopping Center

  • Casinos and Hotels

  • Condominium

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