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We have online user guides and ongoing support available to our clients who use OvoControl®.



  • OvoControl® P User Guide (PDF)

  • Pigeon Control Feeder Assembly Manual (PDF)

  • Pigeon Control Feeder Assembly Video (YouTube)

  • Programming the Pigeon Control Feeder (PDF)

  • Special Assembly Instructions for the Pigeon Control Feeder (PDF)

  • Installation of the Solar Panel (Link)

We have tried everything – OvoControl worked out best for our large campus.
— Memorial Hermann Hospital


  • Pigeon Tracker Log (XLS)

  • OvoControl® P Cost Calculator (XLS)

Do you have any questions about using our products? If the guides above do not answer your questions, then please check out our accessories page or contact us today. We are happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have about the installation of our products and your use of OvoControl® P.