OvoControl at a College Campus

The recent case study about OvoControl performance at Pima College in Tucson is now available in pdf format.

With the support of Arizona Pest Control in Tucson, Pima College was able to resolve their chronic pigeon infestation.  Based on OvoControl and augmented by quarterly live trapping, Arizona Pest Control was able to overcome the rapid breeding characteristics of pigeons and the tendancy to simply "harvest" birds.  Click on the link for a full copy of the report.

In terms of pigeon control, a college campus is not a great deal different than many other pigeon impacted sites -- manufacturing plants, power utilities, hotels, food processing or healthcare facilities -- complex installations with multiple structures, expansive areas with available food, water and quality nesting areas.

Pigeons reside in territorial flocks, a social unit, and pairs mate for life.  That is one of the many reasons why a contraceptive program in this species is so effective.  OvoControl prevents reproduction and the population of pigeons gradually and predictably declines.  Large sites including dense urban areas and large industrial facilities are ideal to take advantage of the new technology.