OvoControl Performance Reported by Las Vegas Parks

A follow up report to our original story from July 2010 in Las Vegas. Satisfied customers continue to report on OvoControl performance.  In this latest account from the Sunday Las Vegas Sun, the Clark County Real Property Management Department reported that pigeon numbers in four treated parks seem to be declining - and pigeons, not other birds, are the only ones getting the bait. Kevin Parker, Clark County Parks Maintenance Division Assistant Manager claims that the evidence points to a declining number of pigeons.  The four parks have been on the program now for eight months. Although they are not banding birds, Parker indicated that complaints about pigeon droppings are down and maintenance workers also seem to be spending less time scrubbing pigeon poop off benches and other park equipment.Assuming that the sites continue on the program, the number of birds will continue to decline as the full effects of contraception accrue over time. See the complete article by Joe Schoenmann in the Las Vegas Sun.