OvoControl at a Nuclear Power Station

Many different sites and facilities are reporting success with pigeon contraception as a means to manage pigeons. For example, National Environmental Services in Peoria, AZ started an OvoControl program at the Palo Verde Nuclear Power Station in Arizona nearly two years ago.  See the owner’s comments,

NES - National Environmental Solutions, Peoria, AZ

"We started with about 350 birds in November of 2010. Installing 3 feeders on the rooftop next to Units 1-3. We now have about 40-60 birds on the Units. The tallest buildings are Units 1-3, so there is a huge draw to stage, loaf and roost here. The numbers are manageable and continuing to decline as we approach the completion our second year of feeding.

The process of utilizing OvoControl is by far the best method for Power Plants and large Utility operations to manage, reduce and control pigeon populations. We were a ” Green”  Company before it was cool, providing Integrated Pest Management Solutions for our clients since 1988.  We specialize in Commercial, Utility and Municipal Pest & Bird Management and Innolytics has given us an incredible tool for our tool box.

Gavin Gallifant / Owner

National Environmental Solutions llc

Office 602-332-8121

OvoControl represents a cost effective method to manage a pigeon population – reducing reproduction as opposed to increasing mortality.  OvoControl works by keeping new birds from replacing old birds – the population declines through attrition and does not rebound….keeping customers satisfied.A nuclear power station has many of the same site characteristics as a large food processing plant, warehouse, school, hospital, campus, grain mill, refinery or hotel – wide open spaces, too big to net, multiple structures and a large population of birds.