Commercial Pigeon Control Solutions

What is being done when it comes to Commercial Pigeon Control?

For hundreds of years, pigeons have been least by some people. From the messenger in fairy tails to the iconic Sesame Street pigeons Bert and Ernie we were so fond of. Before television they represented a valuable source of food and still are in rural parts of Alaska and around the world.  But as the saying goes, "first world problems". In today's culture pigeons can represent a great nuisance. Commercial pigeon control is a source of frustration for many facilities managers. Places like College Campuses, Hotels, Manufacturing Facilities, Power Plants, are often subject to health hazards and other issues related to bird damages.

What are my options for commercial pigeon control?

Pest control companies are typically the first line of defense when it comes to eliminating pigeon problems. We spoke with Ben Miller of AAI pest control in Modesto, CA and he shared some of the challenges he faces with pigeon control. Depending on the type of building they tend to default to spikes or Avitrol. This works great for outdoor billboards, which Ben's company manages about 25 in his service area. But despite these methods, they struggle with large commercial facilities because of the size and scope. Yes, spikes are a deterrent but that does not control the bird population. They are finding that traditional bird control deterrents are not always the long-term solution clients are looking for. Property owners want the birds to go away and stay away.

Birth Control for Birds

When OvoControl started in 2010 we knew the product was needed but had no way of gauging how it would fit into the pest control community. Customers want the pigeons "gone today" whereas OvoControl is a longer term solution, works through attrition and requires some explanation. When it comes to long-term pigeon control, it is essential that pest control companies work to reduce the rapid growth of the pigeon population in a humane and ethical way.For more information on commercial pigeon control or OvoControl P, please contact us.