A New Outbreak of Avian Paramyxovirus Reported in Texas

Texas Parks and Wildlife has reported paramyxovirus, specifically Pigeon Paramyxovirus-1, or PPMV-1 in Eurasian collared doves near El Paso, TX.

The majority of PPMV-1 outbreaks in wild birds in the United States have involved Eurasian collared doves and pigeons.

avian flu

Symptoms include lethargy, green diarrhea, or having difficulty standing or holding their head upright. The virus can cause conjunctivitis (pink eye) in humans, therefore, if you encounter multiple dead or dying doves or pigeons, do not handle the birds without hand and eye protection.

There is no known risk to cats or dogs from PPMV-1, but TPWD recommends keeping pets away from infected birds.

Some strains of PPMV-1 have been shown to cause disease and death in domestic poultry. Chickens can contract the disease from indirect contact such as dove or pigeon feces in chicken feeding areas.

Additionally, TPWD advises the use of protective gloves, masks, and glasses if handling sick or dying birds.

To learn more about paramyxovirus, see the State of Victoria Department of Agriculture website.

This information was originally reported by Texas Parks and Wildlife.